Ezra on Harry Styles pretending to be Jewish

  • Ezra Koenig: Harry Styles… he does this thing where he pretends that he’s Jewish, which I think is very funny.
  • Chris Tomson: In what capacity?
  • Ezra: It’s really weird. I noticed this a while ago, kids would sometimes say to me, “Oh, you’re Jewish, just like Harry Styles. That’s real cool, because I like both of your bands.” And I’d be like, “That cat’s Jewish? Really? Whatever, who knows.” And then the other day, it was Yom Kippur, and he tweeted the night before [about fasting] and getting hungry by the time you sing “Kol Nidre,” which is like a very specific prayer you sing during the service the next day. So he tweeted this to his, like, millions of followers, and I was like, “What the f— does this mean!” And then I realized, he basically kind of just enjoys pretending to be Jewish. And I was like, you know what? I don’t remember, like, f—ing Lance Bass making weird jokes like that back in the day. So One Direction is cool, they make weird jokes.
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